Port Entry.

Port Entry is a joint point of entry to the port area. One joint ID check for all cargo terminals makes life easier for drivers and provides a clear route into the port for better reception and an efficient traffic flow.

HGV drivers are also assisted by recessed space detectors on the 29 HGV parking bays for a parking guidance system together with a sign that shows where drivers should go to find a vacant space.


If you want to visit the port area, you must pre-register. In our E-services you will find links to our visitor pre-registration system, together with an application form to gain access to the system.

Security is a priority issue for the Gothenburg Port Authority. The port is an important component part of Sweden’s transportation and logistics system and is subject to the EU’s rules on port security. Read more here.

Port Entry

Ytterhamnsvägen 1, Göteborg

+46 31 368 75 65


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General Port Regulations


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The Port of Gothenburg is classified as a protected object.

The Port of Gothenburg and all its terminals are classified as protected objects and are subject to the Swedish Installations Protection Act. They are also classified as protected maritime installations. Maritime security is a collective term to describe measures taken in order to protect shipping against various kinds of external threats. It involves strict security requirements, such as access controls and bans on taking photographs and filming.

The terminals are subject to the EU’s port security legislation, which has been introduced to ensure that EU-critical ports can be kept open even at higher security levels. The Port of Gothenburg is also subject to the Swedish Protective Security Act, which deals with the security and functionality of Sweden.


You can find links here to our e-services, as well as forms for permit applications and applications for entry to the port area.

Permits and regulations.

Here you can find documents that regulate activities in the area of the Port of Gothenburg.