Traffic & routes

We offer more destinations by sea that any other port in Scandinavia, combined with daily departures to 26 rail terminals in Sweden.

Types of cargo

We are a full-service port that handles all kinds of cargo. We do this around the clock, every day of the year.

Take your goods to the global market

The cargo hub is our strength. The Port of Gothenburg is much more than just a name. It is the biggest cargo hub in Scandinavia, with a unique geographical location at the mouth of the Göta Älv river as it runs into the North Sea. The port is easily accessible by road, rail and, of course, sea, as virtually all Swedish export trade is transported by means of shipping. Almost 30% passes through the quays in the Port of Gothenburg, which also accounts for half of Sweden’s total container traffic. There are also three capital cities and 70% of the population and industry of Scandinavia within a radius of 500 km.

The port’s ideal location provides Swedish industry with access to destinations all over the world though direct services. There are also frequent departures to major transshipment hubs on the continent, as well as daily services to many major European ports. The Port of Gothenburg thus plays a crucial role for Swedish imports and exports, and is a leading actor when it comes to strengthening Sweden’s competitive strength.

Terminals and services to meet all logistics needs

All kinds of cargo are handled at the Port of Gothenburg. There are terminals and operators here that specialise in different areas, so that the best possible service can be offered, around the clock, every day of the year. This involves everything from storage, preparation and transshipment to unloading and loading, passenger services and handling energy products.

Exports consist mostly of steel, vehicles and forestry products such as paper, pulp and wood products. Imports consist primarily of consumer goods such as clothes, furniture, food, electronics, etc. There is an even balance between imports and exports at the Port of Gothenburg – 50/50. The Port of Gothenburg is free of ice all year round. The approach time from open sea to quayside is just 90 minutes.

Warehousing & logistics

Short distances between the port and warehouses mean low logistical costs. We offer rail-connected and weather-protected transshipment terminals.

Onshore power supply

We have extensive experience in shoresde connections and work actively to ensure that more ships reduce emissions through shore power.