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Vessel calls

All vessels that are due to call at the Port of Gothenburg must issue notification at least 24 hours before arrival. Notification of arrival is made to the Swedish Maritime Administration.

Since 2020-02-03, we have requested a mandatory declaration of health from calling ships. As of 2022-03-01 ships are only required to report any infection on board since it is still mandatory to report.

you have any questions regarding system support, please contact:
Swedish Maritime Administration, Maritime Single Window Reportal
Phone: 0771-40 00 50
E-mail: support@mswreportal.se

Port Control, Gothenburg Port Authority
Port Control is the port's traffic information centre and is manned 24 hours a day. Port Control works closely with the Swedish Maritime Administration Vessel Traffic Service, VTS, and the Gothenburg pilot request system. Click here for contact details to Port Control.

These functions share the same premises and work together under the name 'Gothenburg Approach'.

Hydrographich survey - Latest control of sea depth

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