Gothenburg Port Authority – a central part of the cargo hub

The Gothenburg Port Authority is a municipal company that conducts a wide range of operations and has various business activities. We summarise it in four points to clarify our complex business and the roles we have in different contexts: being an active landlord, marketing the port, managing port calls and logistics properties.

We are a natural part of Sweden’s logistics chain. The port authority owns the port area, leases space to various actors and manages the site – the cargo hub that is the Port of Gothenburg. The actual handling of cargo, i.e. the loading and unloading of vessels, is performed by the Gothenburg Port Authority’s designated partners. The Gothenburg Port Authority exercises strategic insight and control in respect of these partners.

Our mission

At the Gothenburg Port Authority, we work to maintain and manage infrastructure, land and properties based on the needs of customers and society. We develop the port with a long-term perspective, build new facilities and work constantly on various initiatives to develop the port.

The aim is to continue to make a positive contribution to smart, efficient transport operations for the industrial sector’s goods. We market the cargo hub and pursue port-related issues in the regional, national and international arena. We are responsible for operating the Energy Port and for ensuring that all calls by vessels to the entire port shall be as safe, efficient and environmentally smart as possible.

We exercise insight and control over the operators we have appointed to manage terminal operations. Work to develop the Port of Gothenburg is a complex activity that demands the right competences, innovation and a focus on sustainable perspectives.


Facts & figures

Here you can access an overview of current and historical data regarding the volume of goods passing through the Port of Gothenburg.

Digitalised port

Digitalisation is an important tool in achieving our most urgent objectives of making transport logistics more ecologically sustainable and efficient.

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