12 Mar 2020 / News

The Port of Gothenburg handling of the Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus, the Gothenburg Port Authority is currently requesting a Maritime Declaration of Health from all calling vessels at the Port of Gothenburg. This has been the case since Monday, February 3, and is requested until further notice.

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06 Mar 2020 / Press

Port of Gothenburg customers increasingly satisfied

The terminals at the Port of Gothenburg have become considerably quicker, more dependable, and more flexible. This can be seen from the latest results from the Customer Satisfaction Index, a survey conducted...

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27 Jan 2020 / Press

Rise in rail traffic boosts Port of Gothenburg container volumes

Newly published Port of Gothenburg freight figures for 2019 showed that container volumes at the Port of Gothenburg rose for the second year in succession. Container freight from the whole of Sweden is...

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06 Dec 2019 / Press

The container terminal at the Port of Gothenburg to be fossil-free by 2020

A machine park completely run on renewable fuels, a doubling of rail-borne freight and optimising of loading and discharge operations. These are parts of a new climate strategy launched by APM Terminals...

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02 Dec 2019 / Press

DFDS increases capacity at the Port of Gothenburg with new vessel

DFDS is bringing a new vessel into service that will strengthen the port’s offering within the intra-European ro-ro sector. The newly built Hollandia Seaways is one of the largest ro-ro vessels in the

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18 Nov 2019 / News

Gothenburg in Nordic port cooperation for sustainable transport

The Port of Gothenburg has joined a collaboration with ten other Nordic ports. In a signed declaration, the ports have agreed to cooperate, exchange information and share approaches in a number of areas...

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14 Nov 2019 / Press

Unique digital solution makes the Port of Gothenburg smarter

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04 Nov 2019 / Press

Container traffic at the Port of Gothenburg on the rise – despite uncertain market situation

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11 Oct 2019 / News

Operator named for the Port of Gothenburg’s new major terminal investment

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