30 Jun 2020 / News

Current status at the Port of Gothenburg

Despite the Coronavirus crisis, the Port of Gothenburg is open and working at full capacity in all areas. Loading, discharge and maritime services are operating as normal.

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26 Jun 2020 / Press

Liquefied carbon dioxide ready to sail

Gothenburg and Sweden could be the first in the world to create a joint infrastructure for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide extracted using CCS technology. The project –CinfraCap – is a unique...

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23 Jun 2020 / Press

Gothenburg Port Authority Sustainability Report now available

The Port of Gothenburg has been in operation for 400 years and has a pivotal role to play in the success of Swedish industry. The port is stepping up the pace with an even more consistent focus on sustainability.

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22 Jun 2020 / Press

Port of Gothenburg 400th anniversary celebrations marked by optimism and anticipation

Exactly 400 years ago, in 1620, Stora Hamnkanalen, the canal in what is now the centre of Gothenburg, was created. It was also the year when the Port of Gothenburg came into being. To celebrate this momentous...

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09 Jun 2020 / Press

Vehicle handling recovering from difficult period at the Port of Gothenburg

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a shattering impact in many sectors throughout the world, including the automotive industry. Although vehicle handling at the Port of Gothenburg has been largely affected,...

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03 Jun 2020 / Press

150 trapped eels rescued at the Port of Gothenburg

More than 150 rare eels have been rescued from a lagoon and moved to open water in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. The eels got trapped during construction of a new terminal at the Port of Gothenburg...

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20 May 2020 / Press

Port of Gothenburg container traffic in full flow as European ports falter

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24 Apr 2020 / Press

No Corona effect on Q1 freight volumes at the Port of Gothenburg

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09 Apr 2020 / Press

Port of Gothenburg offers inland storage of imported goods

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