24 Apr 2020 / Press

No Corona effect on Q1 freight volumes at the Port of Gothenburg

The Port of Gothenburg, in line with the rest of Sweden, remains open despite the coronavirus pandemic. The most recent operating results are positive and show that freight volumes have remained high through the first quarter of the year. This is revealed in the Port of Gothenburg’s new freight volume report.

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09 Apr 2020 / News

Current status at the Port of Gothenburg

Despite the Coronavirus crisis, the Port of Gothenburg is open and working at full capacity in all areas. Loading, discharge and maritime services are operating as normal. So far this year, volumes have...

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09 Apr 2020 / Press

Port of Gothenburg offers inland storage of imported goods

A sudden shift in demand for Swedish imported goods in the wake of the Coronavirus has led to a need for interim storage of goods that have already been ordered and are on their way to Sweden, mainly in...

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08 Apr 2020 / News

Coronavirus could accelerate digitalisation in the shipping industry

When physical contact between members of the crew on board ship and workers at the quayside needs to be kept to a minimum, new routines are required – and quickly. At the Port of Gothenburg there are clear...

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18 Mar 2020 / News

Port of Gothenburg remains open despite Covid-19

The Port of Gothenburg is continuing to monitor the spread of the coronavirus very closely. Operational adaptations are being made on an ongoing basis. The following is the latest bulletin.

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12 Mar 2020 / News

The Port of Gothenburg handling of the Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus, the Gothenburg Port Authority is currently requesting a Maritime Declaration of Health from all calling vessels at the Port of Gothenburg. This has been the case since Monday, February...

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06 Mar 2020 / Press

Port of Gothenburg customers increasingly satisfied

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27 Jan 2020 / Press

Rise in rail traffic boosts Port of Gothenburg container volumes

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06 Dec 2019 / Press

The container terminal at the Port of Gothenburg to be fossil-free by 2020

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