Weather and currents in the port area.

Here you will find up-to-date information about weather and water currents in Gothenburg's port area. Click on the links below for current forecasts.

Water currents.

The forecasts come from a dedicated high-resolution 3D hydrodynamic forecast model with input from the Göta river. Forecasts are updated twice daily and cover a period up to 3 days ahead according to The Waterforecast's standard terms of Waterforecast Services.

This operational forecasting service is provided through Water Forecast by DHI.

Click here to see forecast and detailed information.

Current weather forecast.

Click here for current weather forecast - choose between Gothenburg Inlet, Troubadour, Gothenburg or Gothenburg, Outside. An individually prepared forecast for a number of points at sea and in the port. The forecast is produced by SMHI and presented in table form and in diagrams. The forecast is updated four times per day.

Berth specifications

The Port of Gothenburg has several different terminals and 49 berths, with each berth offering different conditions. You can find detailed information here about each berth.