Here you will find information, rules and links regarding bunkering in the Port of Gothenburg.

Berth specifications

You can find detailed information here about each berth and information about which actors operate within that part of the port.

Sweden’s biggest general energy port.

4 Every year, around 2,200 tankers call at the port, and in total more than 22.3 million tonnes of energy products are handled.

The Energy Port in Gothenburg enjoys an international reputation for its security work. The Gothenburg Port Authority is responsible for coordinating this security work. Security work is regulated to a large extent by the operating regulations for the Energy Port.

A focus on health and safety at the Energy Port.

The Energy Port sees the transportation and storage of a large number of energy products such as petrol and heavy oil. A port operation with calls by vessels, onshore transport operations and a number of customer operators within a small area brings major risks and requires continuous risk management and improvement work. Work has been undertaken during the year with a focus on improving health and safety, and measures to enhance safety have been taken. These include the renovation of pumping stations, new, improved platforms, better lighting, easier accessibility and automation of valves, for example. The measures aim to reduce the risk of occupational injuries and to improve the work environment for all personnel at the port.

At Gate 1, alcohol barriers are once more being used following a pause during the pandemic. This involves vehicles being selected at random for an alcohol test before being allowed to enter the area. The alcohol barriers are appreciated by customers and business partners, and are a joint initiative together with the Swedish Transport Administration.

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Operating Regulations, Gothenburg Energy Port


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Methanol bunker operating regulations


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LNG operating regulations including LNG bunkering


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Onshore Power Supply for tankers

As part of an innovative plan to provide shoreside power for tankers berthed at the Energy Terminal, the Gothenburg Port Authority has created a completely new and unique concept that makes the entire system safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

We are working to ensure full capacity to produce, transport, store and distribute fossil-free fuels.