Vessels can leave waste at the Port of Gothenburg. A waste declaration and an ancillary service request – for sludge collection for example – are submitted together with vessel notification. Vessel notification must be made no later than 24 hours prior to arrival.

The terminals accept all waste that vessels need to leave ashore and which has arisen during the normal operation of the vessel in accordance with the No Special Fee system. Waste generated in addition to the above, such as waste resulting from repair work and discarded electronic equipment, is dealt with at cost.

A waste declaration and an ancillary service request must always be registered in the Maritime Single Window Reportal no later than 24 hours before the arrival of the vessel. In special circumstances, the Port Authority can accept a shorter notification period. 

Disposal of solid waste
At the Energy Port and at the Gothenburg Roro Terminal skips are available for unsorted, combustible waste. In the case of large waste volumes, a skip can be ordered and placed in front of the ship.

At APM Terminals Gothenburg a prearranged waste collection system is in operation. After the vessel has made a request to deposit waste it will be notified of a time when the waste will be collected. 

Grey and black water
The cruise ship berths are equipped with receiving facilities for black and grey water, i.e. sewage water and shower water. All berths at the Port of Gothenburg have facilities for receiving black and grey water. There is no extra charge, which is the case at many other ports around the world, and instead it is included in the port charge. 

Engine room waste/sludge/bilge
The Port of Gothenburg can accept this type of waste 24 hours a day.


Delivery of fresh water

Delivery of fresh water at the Port of Gothenburg takes place at the quayside using a hose equipped with a 63 mm SS connection and a pipe bend. Onboard connection is handled by the ship's crew.