How are you coping with the demands for a more sustainable supply chain?

More and more companies are choosing rail transport solutions to and from the Port of Gothenburg. There are many benefits. Rail transport operations are cost-efficient, reduce emissions to air and contribute to reduced congestion on the roads. By choosing rail transport, you can contribute to your environmental goals and create a more sustainable logistics chain

To and from the port by rail

For many years now, the Port of Gothenburg has been investing in rail links that connect the port with inland terminals in towns and cities all over Sweden and Norway. This concept is known as Railport Scandinavia. The system includes daily container services and a number of conventional trains with export products such as timber and steel.

From point A to point C

About 40 million tonnes of cargo pass through the Port of Gothenburg every year making us the biggest port in Scandinavia. Our wide line selection at sea combined with our rail transport solutions we provide a sustainable, reliable and cost-efficient solution delivering your goods swiftly and seamlessly to end customers.

There are 26 inland terminals connected to the Port of Gothenburg. These terminals offer a wide range of services, such as customs, storage and empty container depot, all adapted to meet the needs of our customers.

Svea Terminal

Weatherprotected and railway-connected transshipment terminal located directly adjacent to the port's roro and container terminals.

Arken Kombiterminal

A 65,000 square meter terminal area for transshipment between ships, trains and trucks for onward transport into the country or out into the world.

Customer benefit brings climate benefit

The recipe for success is to constantly work proactively to create competitive strength in the system, which must be reliable and cost-efficient, have high capacity and high frequency to many destinations, and be run by competent train and terminal operators.

In the long-term perspective, the proportion of rail-based container traffic has increased from 20% to 60% since the launch of the Railport Scandinavia initiative more than 20 years ago. This is a level that few other major international ports can match. According calculations, port related emissions are being reduced by over 60 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, thanks to the shift from road to rail to which Railport Scandinavia is contributing.

The more appealing Railport Scandinavia is, the faster goods shift from road to rail, further cutting carbon emissions.

Close proximity between port and warehouses ensures minimal logistical expenses, enabling efficient goods transportation via regular rail services. This facilitates environmentally friendly transport options for businesses in Norway and Sweden, fostering climate-conscious operations to and from the Port of Gothenburg

Warehousing & logistics

Short distances between the port and warehouses mean low logistical costs. We offer rail-and weather-protected transshipment terminals.

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60% of all containers that pass through the Port of Gothenburg go by climate-smart rail.

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60% of all containers that pass through the Port of Gothenburg go by climate-smart rail.


60% of all containers that pass through the Port of Gothenburg go by climate-smart rail.


60% of all containers that pass through the Port of Gothenburg go by climate-smart rail.

Antti Laakso

Senior Logistics Development

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Terminal operators in the Port of Gothenburg.

Contact details for terminal operators in the Port of Gothenburg who handle incoming and outgoing goods transported via rail.

Svante Altås, Key Account Manager,
Telephone: +46 72 594 90 16,
E-mail: svante.altas@apmterminals.com

Jonas Tångring
Telephone: +4631 650 558,
E-mail: jonas.tangring@gotroro.com

Patrik Almqvist
Telephone: +46 31 727 45 08, 
E-mail: patrik.almqvist@lcs.se