Future energies.

Perhaps the biggest challenge we face today is the transition from a fossil-fueled society to one that runs on sustainable energy sources. It’s a gargantuan task that affects almost everything everywhere and that requires immense effort from all parts of society – science, business and politics. As the largest energy port in Scandinavia, we push the development by investing heavily in support of tomorrow’s energy solutions and the transition to green energy. We do this with projects such as Local Hydrogenproduction, The Green Cable and Future bunkering.

Onshore Power Supply for tankers

High voltage shore connection for tankers in the energy port.

Hydrogen production

The Port of Gothenburg and the Norwegian energy company Statkraft are planning a hydrogen production facility within the port area.

Large-scale CO2 hub in the Port of Gothenburg

We want to help early players in Sweden with a cost-effective and new logistics chain for captured carbon dioxide. To succeed in this, good collaboration with partners and actors within the entire new value chain is required.