Suppliers to the Gothenburg Port Authority.

To us, it is a given that we adopt a professional approach in all stages of the purchasing process. We do this by such means as utilising the competence and competition in the supplier market. The Gothenburg Port Authority’s core values are Cooperation, Sustainability, Innovation and Reliability. We also want this to characterise the relationship between the Gothenburg Port Authority and you as a supplier – you must feel peace of mind when collaborating with us.

The various departments in the Gothenburg Port Authority are in daily contact with many suppliers. Over one year, we purchase contract works, services and goods to a value of around SEK 1 billion, most comprising services and contract works. Procurement processes involve even higher amounts throughout the port, with our terminal operators also undertaking a great deal of procurement in the above areas. You can read more about our various terminals under the heading Terminals & services. If you would like to be a supplier to a terminal operator, you should contact the terminal operator directly.

We have a large number of terminal operators, but are looking continuously for new ones that can help us to become an even stronger cargo hub. Together with you, we can grow sustainably in order to improve our competitive strength with the aid of smart, innovative solutions.

You become a supplier to us by submitting a tender in our procurement processes. As a municipal company with port operations, we observe the Swedish Act on Procurement within the Utilities Sectors (LUF).


You can find ongoing procurement processes at the marketplace for the City of Gothenburg’s Purchasing and Procurement Administration. Link to the marketplace for the City of Gothenburg – Purchasing and Procurement Administration (swedish websie). Follow the link and search for Gothenburg Port Authority. You can access tender documentation and annexes there.

Sustainability in procurement.

Environmental requirements form some of the authority’s basic requirements in procurement. In major projects of over SEK 50 million, the Gothenburg Port Authority must also produce climate calculations in order to raise awareness of the project’s impact on the climate, and also to identify how climate emissions might be reduced. The Skandia Gateway is a pioneering port, where climate calculations have been produced before and after the project planning period, making it possible to define the reduction in emissions from actions including changes in material purchases.

Part of the City of Gothenburg’s work on sustainability involves specifying requirements for social consideration in the City’s procurement of services whenever possible. The City of Gothenburg has produced a model describing social consideration in procurement processes that is intended to promote employment opportunities for people are who are disconnected from the labour market, stimulate social integration, equal opportunities and social rights. The Gothenburg Port Authority has developed this work over the last ten years, and social requirements where specified in a number of major procurement processes during 2022. It is our ambition to continuously improve and develop the methods and models used to specify social requirements in procurement, and we will also continue to maintain a focus on this important issue in future procurement processes.

Where to send your tender.

The tender documentation will specify when and in what way you should submit your tender. By far the most usual way is to submit the tender digitally via an electronic tendering tool known as TendSign. The tender documentation will contain more information about how to proceed. A login is required in order to access the system. A username and password can be obtained by completing a simple registration process at It is free of charge for suppliers to use the system and to submit requests to participate and tenders. Be aware of the deadline for submitting an application or a tender. 

PLEASE NOTE: Tenders received too late cannot be considered. We look forward to receiving your tender!

Do you already have a framework agreement with the City of Gothenburg?

If you alreade have a framework agreement with the City of Gothenburg you can also become a supplier to the Gothenburg Port Authority. As part of the City of Gothenburg, we use the city's framework agreements to the extent that they are applicable to our operations.

Sustainable port

Sustainability must pervade all operations within the port and is an important starting point for all work carried out

Monitor our tenders.

You will find ongoing procurements on the marketplace for the City of Gothenburg's Purchasing and procurement administration.

E-invoicing – Gothenburg Port Authority.

Since 1 April 2019, we are required by law, as a publicly owned company, to ensure that we only receive electronic invoices (e-invoices) in accordance with a new European standard. (An e-invoice is an invoice that has been created, sent, and received using a structured electronic format and which should be possible to process automatically and electronically. This means, for example, that it is no longer possible to send a PDF invoice by email as this is not an approved format).

E-invoicing can take place in a number of ways. The majority of accounting systems nowadays have an e-invoicing function. If as a supplier you do not have access to such a system, there are invoice portals where you can enter the invoicing details. An invoice must be delivered electronically/as an e-invoice to the Gothenburg Port Authority.

Gothenburg Port Authority invoicing details:

VAN operator: Visma Proceedo
GLN no: 7381035002881
Peppol ID: 0007:5560082553
Reg. no.: 556008-2553

It is important that the invoice includes the reference provided by the orderer.

From January 1, the Gothenburg Port Authority uses the same accounting and purchasing systems as all the administrations and several of the municipal companies within the City of Gothenburg organisation.

If you already have an e-invoicing system.

There are a number of ways of sending an e-invoice. There is often the option of creating an e-invoice via an existing business/accounting system. Invoicing services can also be purchased from certain companies to assist with this process as well as installation of what is termed a virtual invoice printer.

If you are currently unable to send e-invoices.

The City of Gothenburg (Gothenburg Port Authority) can receive and register invoices via the PEPPOL network. Check with your accounting or invoicing system provider if they can send invoices via the PEPPOL network. The formats in which the City’s systems can receive e-invoices in the PEPPOL network are PEPPOL BIS Billing 3 and Svefaktura 1.0.

The City of Gothenburg is able to receive e-invoices via the VAN operator Visma Proceedo in the Svefaktura format. If you use the systems or services listed below, please contact your provider and notify them that since the turn of the year 2020/2021 Gothenburg Port Authority has been using Visma Proceedo.

  • Apix Messaging
  • Inexchange
  • Pagero
  • Crediflow
  • Kofax Invoice Portal (previously Lexmark Expert Systems)
  • Visma SPCS
  • Swedbank
  • TietoEnator
  • Basware
  • BGC (SEB, Handelsbanken and Danske Bank)
  • Evry

If you do not have a business system or accounting system you can register an invoice manually via the City of Gothenburg supplier portal. If you wish to register an invoice, you can contact us using the contact form:

Link to the City of Gothenburg website - Connecting to the e-invoicing system.

Further information about manuals and how you can begin e-invoicing is available on the City of Gothenburg website.

Link to Invoicing the City of Gothenburg – business operators or use the contact form to ask questions.

Information on the invoice.

The web form has a number of boxes that must be completed. The invoice must also include a clear description of what has been supplied and, as before, a correct reference.

The invoice must include a purchase order number. The number comprises AA followed by seven digits, e.g. AA1111111. The name of the orderer (forename and surname) must also be included.

Please feel free to contact your orderer if you have any questions about invoice labelling.

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