Port Tariff 2024

Our port tariff establishes dues for services and facilities, as well as discounts applicable to vessels calling at the Port of Gothenburg. By clearly defining the cost structure, we make it easier for businesses and maritime stakeholders to plan and budget for their operations.

Port Tariff 2024 as a Digital Publication

The Port Tariff 2024 is crafted as a digital publication. This means that it is entirely web-based, functioning seamlessly on both phones and desktop computers. It is accessibility-friendly, interactive, and visually engaging, providing a user-friendly experience.

On the first page of Port Tariff 2024 there is a link to download a light-weight PDF version of Port Tariff 2024.


Port Tariff 2024

The Port of Gothenburg Port Tariff for 2024 is now available. In it you will find the fees and discounts that will apply to vessels calling at the Port of Gothenburg next year.