Graphic profile.

This is the Port of Gothenburg's graphic profile. It helps us to build and maintain the Port of Gothenburg brand. It describes how we look, how we express ourselves and how we sound. By always acting in a uniform and consistent manner, we create recognition and security, and build trust in our brand. Our expression also reflects what we stand for, our core values and how we want to be perceived by the world around us. The graphic profile is an aid in our daily work. Here you will find simple and clear guidelines that ensure that all communication coming from the Port of Gothenburg has the same expression and feel. By nurturing our identity together, we are helped to build a strong brand with a clear personality that is easily recognisable.

If you have questions about our graphic profile or how the logo should be used, please contact our communications department. Contact details can be found in the newsroom.

Download our logo.

Download the logotypes of the Port of Gothenburg in various designs as well as in RGB and CMYK formats.

Port of Gothenburg's logo.

The original logo was drawn in 1944 by the Austrian designer Fritz Rücker. Since the letter G has the shape of a port it was quite an obvious choice for the symbolist Rücker. Then adding the Vinga lighthouse, the old Gothenburg maritime symbol, gave the logo additional distinctiveness and character. The logo has been modernized over the years and recently adapted to better suit digital media.