Port of Gothenburg – Scandinavia's Logistics Hub

Gothenburg is an unrivaled hub for cargo handling in Scandinavia. Each year, approximately 40 million tons of goods are managed here, and the port employs over 22,000 people. Daily, 70 trains arrive and depart from the Port of Gothenburg, serving 26 inland terminals and covering 33 routes across Sweden and Norway, right up to our quays.

Gothenburg's strategic location makes it the natural intersection point between three of Scandinavia's main capitals, where several European highways converge. Within just 3-4 hours, trucks can reach both Oslo and Copenhagen. Situated at the mouth of the Göta River, the Port of Gothenburg also serves as a hub for short-sea shipping, with traffic from the inland and surrounding coastal areas.

With its unique position and extensive infrastructure, the Port of Gothenburg is the ultimate location for efficient and sustainable logistics in Scandinavia.

Current and Historical Data

In our interactive, digital publication, you can access current and historical data on the volume of goods passing through the Port of Gothenburg. We provide an overview of the various types of cargo and the traffic to and from the port, giving you insights into the dynamic and extensive operations at Scandinavia's largest port.


Facts & figures

Here you can access an overview of current and historical data regarding the volume of goods passing through the Port of Gothenburg.