Upgraded Quay Facility.

The Energy Port in the Port of Gothenburg is undergoing a transformative change with the technically advanced infrastructure project "Coastal Quay 2.0," scheduled to commence in 2024. Peab has been successfully contracted for the initial phase of the work.

Coastal Quay 2.0 is an immensely important investment for the Port of Gothenburg. This project further strengthens the possibilities for society's transition to renewable energy sources, a transition that is expected to accelerate throughout the lifespan of the quay. The project aligns entirely with the port's long-term ambition to become Scandinavia's largest hub for renewable energy.

Project Scope.

The project will encompass geotechnical improvements, new foundation work, demolition, and reconstruction of a 300-meter quay. In certain sections, there will also be new process layouts and equipment. During the construction of the new Coastal Quay, vessels will still be able to approach, and ongoing activities will continue, albeit in a more limited capacity.

Project Timeline.

The pre-study and pre-project planning are scheduled to commence in Q4 2023. Construction work is expected to begin in Q1 2026 and continue until Q1 2031. This timeline reflects a thoughtful and well-planned process to ensure the success of the project.


PRESS RELEASE 2023-11-22: New quay opens up new possibilities in the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port