Sweden’s Forest Port.

For 400 years, Swedish wood has been passing through the quaysides in Gothenburg for export out into the world. Paper in all its forms, timber and pulp. The aim is to offer the Swedish forestry and paper industry the best, most sustainable solution so that successful Swedish exports can continue.

We have undertaken a number of initiatives in recent years to ensure we are fully equipped to take care of all kinds of forest products. These include totally new dedicated forest terminals, new rail solutions and, not least, new, closer collaboration between the Gothenburg Port Authority, shipping companies and other important actors associated with the port area.

We know that those of you operating in the forestry industry have high demands for your transport operations. This is why we have done our utmost to adapt our service accordingly. The aim has been to make things simpler, and we hope you will appreciate the results.

The whole world, every single day.

We offer the whole world, every single day. By bringing together your export volumes here, you get a cost-efficient, sustainable logistics solution that will help you grow in the future. And this is precisely the idea behind our investment in Sweden’s biggest forest port.

145 trains every week.

You might be aware of our daily container routes? They connect the Port of Gothenburg with around 40 locations all over Sweden, and are already being used by many companies in the forestry industry. But the regular container routes are just part of the port’s total rail offering. For those who prefer to use conventional goods wagons, there are also new rail solutions in place.

Transshipment options.

The Port of Gothenburg has a number of dedicated, weather-proof terminals for the rapid transshipment of paper and pulp. These have recently been supplemented by terminals for sawn wood products. This means that you can choose for yourself how you want to transport the goods to the port: container trains or conventional goods wagon, HGV or trailer train. All options are available.

You send, we sort.

Do you have exports to many different markets? Maybe a combination of Europe and other parts of the world? We sort your export products here. Just send your cargo to Gothenburg in the way that suits you. Once it’s here, we take care of transshipment into the right load carrier. Our good access to empty units and our unique range of routes with high-frequency departures mean that your cargo will soon be on its way. Which means in turn that you save both time and money through less warehousing.

Svea Terminal

Weatherprotected and railway-connected transshipment terminal located directly adjacent to the port's roro and container terminals.

Arken Kombiterminal

A 65,000 square meter terminal area for transshipment between ships, trains and trucks for onward transport into the country or out into the world.

We aim to be the world’s most sustainable port. To be worthy of that title we promise 70% lower CO2 emissions by 2030. And we are well on our way – that’s why we are the Green Connection.


Halvorsäng - a golden location for efficient logistics

In this attractive location directly adjacent to Scandinavia's largest port, the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park is growing with large-scale logistics facilities on the port's land in Halvorsäng. A new, modern logistics park with sustainability in mind and good access roads in direct connection to the Port of Gothenburg.