Network to develop cruise-based tourism in Gothenburg.

The Gothenburg Port Authority and Göteborg & Co are main partners in the Gothenburg Cruise Network, which strives to develop cruise-based tourism in Gothenburg. A number of services are offered through the network:

  • Information about Gothenburg and the surrounding area
  • Marketing material in the form of images, presentations, maps and films
  • Advice and suggested content for sightseeing trips
  • Suggested tours and activities
  • Help with bringing together cruise lines and local cruise-related business operations
  • Direct contact with tour operators, shipbrokers, stakeholders, transport companies and shopping organisations that are partners in the network.
  • Port services such as cruise terminal, waste and water management, passenger service and music on the pier in connection with arrival/departure.

Partners in Gothenburg Cruise Network.

Gothenburg Cruise Network, with partners such as ships' chandlers, tour operators, transport companies, attractions and shopping organisations, do their utmost to ensure your visit is a resounding success and that your passengers are as satisfied as possible.

  • Ship agents
  • Tour operators
  • Guide associations
  • Volvo Museum
  • Taxi Göteborg
  • NK
  • Nordstan
  • Ola Nesje
  • Liseberg