Weatherprotected transhipment terminal

The Svea Terminal is a rail-connected and weatherprotected transhipment terminal located directly adjacent to the port's ro-ro and container terminals in the Port of Gothenburg.

Over the almost 45,000 square meter terminal area, there is today one of the world's largest storage tents of 21,600 square meters, which corresponds to approximately three large football pitches. This means weather-protected and modern transhipment.

The terminal consists of open production and installation areas as well as five railway tracks. One of the tracks leads into the tent on an approximately 360 meter long production track, and the other four tracks are used for temporary parking of railway carriages and trains. This relieves the entire Port Line, the port's railway system, and reduces the sensitivity to disturbances.

Are you picking up or dropping off goods?

To visit the Port of Gothenburg, you must pass through Port Entry, the joint entrance to the entire port area.

Warehousing & logistics

Short distances between the port and warehouses mean low logistical costs. We offer rail-and weather-protected transshipment terminals.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about transporting your goods via rail to and from the Port of Gothenburg and therefore cutting emissions from your logistics chain, please contact us. 

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