Port Optimizer™
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Visualisation of cargo flows – PortOptimizer Track & Trace makes it possible to track container cargo in real time. 


Allberth is a digital berth planning tool that provides all operators at the port a smarter, safer and significantly more efficient call.

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In order to improve our operations, you can submit your comments or view. Comments are submitted anonymously. If feedback is desired, please attach your contact details. When reporting noise or odor disturbances, the location and time should be specified.

Pre-registration of visits to Port Entry.

Pre-book visits here. You can find the application form to gain access to the pre-registration system here.

Pre-registration of visits to Gate 1.

Please note that it is forbidden to take photographs or smoke throughout the Energy Port. The speed limit in the Energy Port is 40 km/h. Pre-register visit to Gate 1.

You can download the application form to gain access to the pre-registration system here. You can also find the general terms and conditions that apply for the application in the application form.

Application forms

Here you will find application forms for diving permits for, among other things, hot work permits and electrical connections of ships.

Vessel calls

All vessels that are due to call at the Port of Gothenburg must issue notification at least 24 hours before arrival.

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Application form for trucks, dry cargo ports


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Application form for personal access to the dry cargo ports


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Terms and conditions for access to the Port of Gothenburg


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