19 Oct 2016 / News

Gothenburg Port Authority invests in high-rack warehousing

The Gothenburg Port Authority owns land in two sections of the new logistics park and is in a position to offer 440,000 square metres of storage space in close proximity to the sea. Construction can take place starting in 2017 although the groundwork is already well under way.

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06 Oct 2016 / Press

New study: import companies benefit from locating distribution centres in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the pre-eminent location for a distribution centre in Scandinavia, particularly for import companies with large volumes passing through the Port of Gothenburg. This was revealed in a new

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06 Oct 2016 / News

Prologis phase one fully leased – Logent move into new facility in March

Logent will be the first tenant in the Prologis section of Gothenburg Logistics Park. They are due to move into the 25,500 square metre building in March next year.

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29 Sep 2016 / News

The icy shortcut to Asia

When the Suez Canal was excavated 150 years ago, it shortened the travelling distance between Asia and Europe by a third. By taking a shortcut via the Arctic Ocean, known as the Northeast Passage, the distance could be reduced by a third again. But is the Northeast Passage a viable option or simply a dream?

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06 Sep 2016 / News

Sharp rise in cars and ro-ro at the Port of Gothenburg

There has been a sharp rise in the number of cars exported and imported via the Port of Gothenburg. From January to June, 121,000 cars were handled, up 29 per cent on the same period last year. Ro-ro volumes have also risen, although container freight is down slightly.

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02 Sep 2016 / Press

Historic moment: First ship to bunker LNG at the Port of Gothenburg

Tomorrow, a milestone will be reached in the greening process that is taking place at the Port of Gothenburg. M/T Ternsund will bunker natural gas at the entrance to the port. This is the first time ever in Sweden that a tanker will bunker this substantially cleaner marine fuel.

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31 Aug 2016 / News

Expanded service between Gothenburg and Zeebrugge

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04 Jul 2016 / News

Car exports doubled at the Port of Gothenburg

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01 Jul 2016 / Press

Port of Gothenburg becomes new port of entry for Mazda in Sweden

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