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Updated information about Coronavirus

As of March 1, we no longer request a mandatory declaration of health from arriving vessels. The vessels hereby only required to report any infections on board.

- Updated March 1, 2022 -

Since 2020-02-03, we have requested a mandatory declaration of health from calling ships. As of 2022-03-01 ships are only required to report any infection on board since it is still mandatory to report.

For more information, contact Stefan Strömberg, press contact Göteborgs Hamn AB, on 070-436 01 51 or via stefan.stromberg@portgot.se



What is required to protect others from infection?

The Swedish Communicable Diseases Act states that anyone who has an infectious disease must do what is necessary to protect others from infection.

  • The crewmember should keep distance from the people he/she lives with by staying in a separate room during the period of contagiousness (see below), also during meals.
  • He/she may spend time outdoors as long as he/she keeps distance from other people.
  • It is important that the person with covid-19 maintain strict hand hygiene (washing hands often and thoroughly), cough and sneeze into his/her elbow or a handkerchief and not in the direction of other people.

Advice to Master of the Ship to avoid further spreading of the disease:

  • A pilote can enter the ship with personal protective equipment. If possible, keep infected crewmembers separated from the pilote.
  • The disease Covid-19 is highly contagious. Other crewmembers are probably already infected and may develop symptoms within days. Be aware of symptoms in other crewmembers and isolate quickly.
  • Mostly, Covid-19 is a rather mild disease, especially for previously healthy and vaccinated persons.
  • Unvaccinated individuals and those with underlying diseases may develop serious illness and are recommended to avoid crowding.
  • If you plan to travel far from shore, make a risk evaluation concerning the possibility to quickly reach adequate health care.
  • Avoid changing single crewmembers. Since all crewmembers already may be infected it is better to let the whole crew stay on till the incubation period has passed or to change the whole crew at the same time. Experience teaches that there may be a prolonged period of disease onboard if changing crews intermittently is practised.