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Updated information about Coronavirus

Due to the Corona virus, the Port of Gothenburg is requesting on our own initiative, a Maritime Declaration of Health from all calling vessels in the Port of Gothenburg. This has been done since February 3, and is valid until further notice.

- Reviewed September 9, 2021 -

In the past couple of months, we have strictly followed the routine for health declaration requirements from calling vessels to the Port of Gothenburg.

If an approaching vessel states that it has an ill on board which has been found, of WHO-classified risk area, the port's quarantine plan will be activated, and contagion doctors will be contacted. This then makes a medical assessment.

According to contagion doctors, pilots and other port staff can board without risk to their own health if they do not meet the sick person. The health declaration covers, among other things, if someone in the crew has been in an identified risk area for the past two weeks and if someone is sick on board the ship.

The port has ongoing contact with infection control doctors in the region. The request for a Declaration of Health to call vessels is valid until further notice, with no set end date.

The Maritime Declaration of Health should be emailed to the Port Traffic Center, Port Control, at: portcontrol@portgot.se

Download the Maritime Declaration of Health Forum

For more information, contact Stefan Strömberg, press contact Göteborgs Hamn AB, on 070-436 01 51 or via stefan.stromberg@portgot.se