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Wetland at Torsviken

The Port of Gothenburg have been working with the Swedish Transport Administration on the construction of a wetland for wildfowl at Torsviken. The wetland is a way of reinstating an area that has been used for almost 40 years as a deposition site for dredging spoils.

Ever since the seventies, the Port of Gothenburg has had permission to lay contaminated dredged material in Torsviken near the port at Hisingen. The masses have mainly been laid in an embanked area in the southern part of the bay. In 2009, this permit expired. Since then, the Port of Gothenburg has worked to cover the masses and, as far as possible, restore the area's original character with a rich natural and bird life.

Clean clay from the new tunnel

Before the wetland could be built, reinforcement work had to be done and the dredging site was covered with a clean material. This is where the new Marieholm tunnel comes into the picture. During the construction of the tunnel inside Gothenburg, large amounts of clay were excavated. This glacial clay was used to cover contaminated soil and thus create a protective barrier. This phase was completed in mid 2019 and since then the work of excavating and installing inlets and outlet system has continued. This has created an inlet of water from Torslandaviken to the new basin. The basin was filled with water in the summer of 2021.

Experience the rich wildlife

The wetlands is adjacent to the protected bird area Torsviken. There is a walking path around the whole area which has been built in collaboration with the Park and Nature Administration and Västra Hisingen. The Port of Gothenburg hopes to be able to offer our neighbors a rich nature and outdoor life in Torsviken.


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