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Track & Trace

A digital tool that makes it easy to follow your freight in real time. By improving visibility, Port Optimizer™ Track & Trace enhances freight flow efficiency for all the parties involved at the different stages, including freight owners, rail operators, and terminal operators.

What does the app offer?

Track & Trace supports the entire transport chain using a system where you can monitor the location and status of your freight, from departure to arrival. Data from a range of sources is collated in the app, providing a unique end-to-end overview of the delivery process. You can establish a series of interim ETAs as your freight is being transported and receive notification in real time as it passes various milestones along the way. You can see, for example, that the vessel has berthed, or the train has passed a particular station. You simply choose what you want to see, and notifications are adapted to your requirements.

The information available in Track & Trace includes:

  • The vessel carrying the freight
  • When it was unloaded at the quayside
  • When the freight leaves/arrives at the port terminal by rail
  • Its location at any given time throughout the journey
  • ETA at an inland terminal
  • ETA at a port terminal
  • Notification of deviations

The application compiles data from a range of sources including:

  • Vessel
  • Port terminal
  • Rail freight forwarder
  • Rail operators via the Swedish Transport Administration
  • Inland terminal

Read more about the Port Optimizer Track & Trace application in the brochure.

Demo Track&Trace Webinar 28:th Oct 2021 - YouTube

Joseph Sandwing

Joseph Sandwing

Head of Digital Business Transformation