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Svea Terminal - New weatherprotected transhipment terminal

A new rail-connected transhipment terminal in the port of Gothenburg. The terminal, which is located directly adjacent to the port's ro-ro and container terminals, offers weather-protected transhipment.

In April 2019, the shovel was put in the ground for the construction of a new transhipment terminal in the port of Gothenburg - Sveaterminalen. In September 2020, it was ready for use. Trains with incoming export goods are driven directly to the rail-connected terminal for fast transhipment to containers and then on to sea transport to Swedish industry's global markets around the world.

Over the almost 45,000 square meter terminal area, there is today one of the world's largest storage tents of 21,600 square meters, which corresponds to approximately three large football pitches. This means weather-protected and modern transhipment.

In addition to the tent, the terminal consists of open production and installation areas as well as five railway tracks. One of the tracks leads into the tent on an approximately 360 meter long production track, and the other four tracks are used for temporary parking of railway carriages and trains. This relieves the entire Port Line, the port's railway system, and reduces the sensitivity to disturbances.

Lead in greater investment in railways

Sveaterminalen is the latest in a series of investments on the railway side in the port of Gothenburg in recent years. Among the measures are the construction of Arken Kombiterminal, the Swedish Transport Administration's ongoing expansion to double tracks on the Harbor Line and APM Terminal's previous modernization and capacity increase on the container terminal's railway harp.


  • Building start
    April 2019
  • Operations start
    Autumn 2020
  • The terminal area
    45 000 m2
  • The tent area
    21 600 m2


  • Magnus Nordfeldt
    Magnus Nordfeldt
    Project manager
    +46 31 368 76 40