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Logistic Hub Scandinavia

The Gothenburg region has been designated Sweden's best logistics location for 18 consecutive years. One crucial factor behind this is the Port of Gothenburg with our unique geographical location. But there are more reasons and more players behind the undisputed success, one of which is Logistic Hub Scandinavia.

Logistic Hub Scandinavia is a unique, cross-border collaboration between Business Region Gothenburg, Swedavia Airport and the Port of Gothenburg to strengthen the region's position as a leading logistics location. This will be achieved by attracting logistics establishments as well as new aviation and shipping lines. The partners work together to strengthen the role of Gothenburg as a transport hub and logistics center for Scandinavia and northern Europe.

Short distances between port and warehouse provide low logistics costs and direct lines for freight trains, so-called train commuters, giving companies in Norway and Sweden the opportunity for climate-friendly transport to and from Gothenburg Harbor. The freight chain is strengthened by Swedavia Airport, which offers international air freight. Terminals and warehouses in close proximity to the airport provide the fastest transhipment of goods throughout Europe. Swedavia, which operates Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, is a world leader in the development of airports with minimal environmental impact. Buisness Region Gothenburg has a central role in the development of the logistics center in Scandinavia and offers both advanced and free services within investment and establishment in the region.

Through the combination of Scandinavia's largest port and an international airport, the whole world is within reach. 

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