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The Energy Port in Gothenburg is the largest open access energy port in Sweden and is vitally important for energy supplies throughout the country.

Each year, around 2,500 tankers call at the port and more than 20 million tons of crude oil, petrol, diesel and other energy products are handled. Storage operators at the Energy Port supply the whole of Western Sweden and large parts of the country with petrol and diesel.

The Port of Gothenburg is also a transshipment port for crude oil. Transit storage takes place in underground caverns close to the port.



The Energy Port in Gothenburg has an excellent reputation internationally for its security work. Gothenburg Port Authority is responsible for coordinating the security work. The security work is governed to a large extent by the operating regulations issued for the Energy Port.

  • The largest public access energy port in Scandinavia
  • Storage capacity of 4 million cubic metres
  • 50 per cent of Sweden's crude oil imports
  • Three energy ports – Torshamnen for crude oil and Skarvikshamnen and Ryahamnen for refined products
  • 24 dedicated berths for oil and energy products
  • Maximum depth of 19.05 metres
  • The first deepwater harbour outside the Baltic Sea and the Russian market

Examples of products include petrol, diesel, asphalt, LPG, chemicals, aviation fuel, propane, propene, fuel oil, methanol, heavy oil, petroleum gas, ethanol, tall oil and other bio-oils.


Preemraff in Gothenburg

Preemraff Gothenburg have capacity to refine 6 million tonnes of crude oil every year. Among other products, Preem Evolution Diesel is produced here - a uniqe Swedish invention.

St1 Refinery

St1 Refinery yearly refine 4 million tonnes of crude oil from the North Sea. The products include LPG, kerosene, gasoline, diesel and fuel oils with low sulfur content.


Nynas is near the Energy Port. At the refinery about 400,000 tonnes of crude oil is distilled to bitumen and other distillates every year. Bitumen is an imoportant ingredient in silent asphalt, a Swedish export success.