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Port of Gothenburg customers increasingly satisfied

11:16 - 06 Mar 2020 / Press

The terminals at the Port of Gothenburg have become considerably quicker, more dependable, and more flexible. This can be seen from the latest results from the Customer Satisfaction Index, a survey conducted at regular intervals at the Port of Gothenburg since 2003. The most encouraging trend appears to be among customers of the container terminal operator APM Terminals, who gave a satisfied customer rating of 70, up from 37 in the last survey in 2017. The port as a whole has increased its rating from 49 to 68.

The port of Gothenburg car terminal, roro terminal and container terminal, as well as the port as a whole recieved increased customer ratings compared to previous survey from 2017. Image: Gothenburg Port Authority.

“This is a clear indication that we are making headway in achieving our vision of becoming the world’s most competitive port. We know we have a solid foundation to build on, and the survey provides us with valuable information about what we need to focus on more clearly if we are to meet customer expectations,” said Elvir Dzanic, Gothenburg Port Authority chief executive.

The majority of the port’s terminals have received a higher rating from customers. Car terminal operator Logent Ports and Terminals has risen from 51 to 64, and the ro-ro terminal operator Gothenburg RoRo Terminal has risen from 51 to 58. The only terminal where the trend has not been resoundingly positive is the Energy Port, which noted a slight downturn in its rating from 69 to 68.

Container Terminal customers the most satisfied
The terminal that has increased the most is the Container Terminal, operated by APM Terminals, where the customer satisfaction rating increased from 37 to 70. Measures implemented at the terminal include reduced handling time for trucks, investment in new straddle carriers, and a highly focused ambition to reduce the terminal’s carbon emissions.

Work aimed at improving efficiency has produced results. Despite the fact that half of the vessels bound for APM Terminals in January were delayed, as many as 85 per cent could leave the port on time. The shipping companies could thus in many instances make up lost time by calling at APM Terminals. Thus, departing vessels can optimize the speed to the next port, which means lower fuel consumption and reduced costs.

“We are working systematically on our efficiency programme and the development of our customer offering. It is extremely gratifying to receive confirmation that our customers appreciate the work that is being done by our skilled, knowledgeable employees,” said Dennis Lenthe Olesen, Managing Director of APM Terminals Nordics.

Security and call quality appreciated
It is not only terminal operations that have received a good rating from the port’s customers. Customers are also satisfied with security at the Port of Gothenburg. The survey showed that 9 out of 10 customers take a positive view of the way the port prevents unauthorised persons from entering the port area.

The quality of the services on offer to vessels calling at the port is still considered to be very high by the customers, with value for money generally rated slightly lower. The Gothenburg Port Authority also received a high rating for its ability to collaborate and pursue development initiatives.

Fact file: Satisfied Customer Index
The Satisfied Customer Index is a standardised, established means of measuring customer satisfaction. The survey is conducted by marketing research company Indikator on behalf of the Gothenburg Port Authority. It has been run since 2003.

Port of Gothenburg customers are defined as those who use the port and its terminal operators, and they include goods owners, shipping companies, agents and logistics companies. A total of 202 customers were included in the survey, 126 of whom completed the questionnaire (response rate 62.4%). The survey took place in November-December 2019 and the results can be found here.

For media inquiries, contact Stefan Strömberg, press contact, on +46 70-436 01 51 or via stefan.stromberg@portgot.se

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