Gothenburg Port Authority Sustainability Report for 2018 now available

14:56 - 21 Mar 2019 / Press

During 2018 Gothenburg Port Authority continued in its endeavour to promote long-term sustainable development. “Sustainable Port”, the company’s annual Sustainability Report, has now been published. The report contains a comprehensive account of the work that has been done in this key area during the past year.

This is the seventh year in succession that Gothenburg Port Authority has published a separate Sustainability Report. Photo: Gothenburg Port Authority.

Gothenburg Port Authority has made an active, long-term commitment to mitigating environmental impact, not only within the company but also through collaboration with other bodies and organisations in and around the port. The Port Authority is a climate-neutral company, and one of its core initiatives is the expansion of a shoreside power supply for vessels at berth.

The company also offers an environmental discount on the port tariff to vessels calling at the port that meet specific environmental criteria. A decision was reached during the year to continue offering the environmental discount although it will be reworked to make it technology neutral. This move will ensure the inclusion of future sustainable solutions that have yet to reach a broader market.

Important milestones
During the past year, several important milestones were reached at the port. Joint funding by the government was approved for the long-awaited deepening of the fairways, ensuring the port can continue to work effectively in the future. The decision will allow preparatory work to move forward more quickly. The Port Authority was also given the go-ahead to construct logistics facilities on a 420,000 square metre site beside the port.

Work commenced during the year on a completely new port terminal, which will be built in part using contaminated dredge spoils. A new combi terminal became fully operational, expanding rail capacity, reducing the number of road trucks, and easing congestion in central Gothenburg.

“The Port of Gothenburg is in a constant state of development and new terminal space and infrastructure are contributing to its expansion. We always take account of the long-term benefits and implications, and ensure our projects enhance our sustainability values. These aspects are fundamental regardless of time and situation,” said Magnus Kårestedt, Gothenburg Port Authority chief executive.

Reporting according to GRI
For the fourth year in succession the report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative. These international guidelines facilitate comparison of the sustainability status at the port with other organisations.

This is the seventh year in succession that Gothenburg Port Authority has published a separate Sustainability Report, outlining the initiatives taken by the Port Authority and the challenges it is facing within sustainable development.

A complete version of ‘Sustainable Port’ is available for downloading here.

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