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Elvir Dzanic member of government Electrification Commission

10:15 - 22 Oct 2020 / Press

On Thursday, Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth presented the government’s newly established Electrification Commission. Gothenburg Port Authority chief executive Elvir Dzanic has been invited to sit on the Commission, which will identify measures to speed up electrification in the transport sector.

Elvir Dzanic, Port of Gothenburg chief executive. Photo: Gothenburg Port Authority.

“I’m really looking forward to contributing to electrification of the transport sector in Sweden. From the Port of Gothenburg’s point of view, we already have ideas and ready-to-implement proposals that I will bring with me and incorporate into the work of the Commission. We will be up and running from the outset,” said Elvir Dzanic, Port of Gothenburg chief executive.

The Port of Gothenburg has adopted the same goal as the Swedish government – to achieve a 70 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 – and the port is working on several fronts to realise this ambition. Whilst the terminal operators have already succeeded in reducing emissions significantly, a great deal remains to be done with regard to sea and road transport to and from the port.

In the land transport sector, the task of transferring freight from road to rail is ongoing. The port has made substantial investments in this area and will continue to do so. Examples include an upgrade of the Port Line to a double-track system, and new dedicated rail transloading terminals. Both these developments will ensure the Port of Gothenburg continues to have the world’s highest proportion of rail-borne freight to and from the port. Despite this, there is still potential to move more freight from road to rail.

“Unfortunately, this does not include all inland transport. We will still need road transport, mainly on the local and regional level, and alternative fuels, including electrification, are the obvious path to follow. This will require close collaboration and I’m looking forward to being involved in speeding up the process,” said Elvir Dzanic.

“Cooperation is vital”
At sea, the port is creating incentives and conditions to bring about a green transition. On the local level, expansion of shoreside power for ships at berth is an important component, and the port also offers port tariff discounts to vessels that have made environmentally smart choices. The rapid emergence of digitalisation will also result in more effective calls and a reduction in emissions. The port is pursuing these issues both globally and on the EU level, including stricter demands regarding the climate footprint of shipping fleets.

“Cooperation across the whole spectrum is vital. Politicians, users, and suppliers must work together if we are to accelerate the shift that is already taking place in the shipping sector. The Commission offers an excellent mix of representatives from different sectors and working in partnership they will make a significant difference,” said Elvir Dzanic .


Fact file: Electrification Commission

– The Commission will be led by the Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth and will have 16 members and a chair.

– The administrative office will be housed in the same building as the Government Offices.

The Commission will be in place until 31 December 2022.

– Read more about the Electrification Commission here.

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