Two new tenants at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park

12:17 - 30 Jan 2018 / News

Storage and distribution properties are being completed in rapid succession at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park. Bagaren och Kocken and Storex are two further tenants that will transfer their warehousing operations to the new logistics park directly beside the Port of Gothenburg.

Within a 500 kilometer radius, the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park reaches three capitals and 70 per cent of the Scandinavian population and industry.

The kitchen utensils, kitchen machinery and design products retailer Bagaren och Kocken will be the first tenant to move into the Castellum building, which is due to be opened in April this year. The building will have total floor space of 30,000 square metres, 10,000 of which will be occupied by Bagaren och Kocken. The move will take place as soon as the building is completed. Bagaren och Kocken has expanded significantly in recent years, largely due to the increase in e-trade. In 2017, the company’s net store was named as one of the best e-trade outlets in Sweden.

“To meet the challenges that will emerge as a result of our sustained growth over the coming years, we need a flexible, scalable storage solution. At the same time, we want to give our staff bright, modern office premises within 30 minutes of the centre of Gothenburg. We have now signed a lease with Castellum for premises that meet those requirements,” said Martin Blidberg, Logistics Manager at Bagaren och Kocken.

Bagaren och Kocken also intend to open an on-site shop. This will give customers access to the whole of the net store range, and they can collect their goods within 30 minutes of placing an order.

Groundbreaking ceremony for new building
In the middle of March, Prologis will commence construction of its new storage and distribution facility in the park, and the first tenant has already signed a lease. Storex AB is expected to move in at the beginning of 2019, which is when the building is due to be completed. They will occupy almost 11,000 square metres of the 25,000-square-metre building. The facility will be used primarily to house Storex products, ranging from clothes and shoes to awnings and replacement parts.

“With larger premises, we can secure the growth of the company and our customers. It is important for us to find a new, modern storage and distribution facility in a prime location that will consolidate and enhance our overall logistics efficiency,” said Storex CEO Freddie Gunnarsson.

Attractive location a crucial factor
Castellum and Prologis are two of four companies that are working in parallel to develop the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park, an entirely new logistics zone directly adjacent to the Port of Gothenburg. With its unique location along the Hisingsleden link road, just 10 minutes from the Port of Gothenburg and 15 minutes from the city centre, the enormous interest that has been shown comes as no surprise.

“We have noted a strong, stable demand for storage and distribution properties in the Gothenburg region. The property is energy efficient and is in the very heart of a major logistics hub. With its expansion potential and proximity to the Port of Gothenburg, it meets all the demands that are critical to our customers’ operations,” said Bram Verhoeven, Regional Director Prologis Benelux/Nordics.

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