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Terntank won innovation award

17:14 - 28 Apr 2017 / News

Shipping company Terntank has been recognised for its investment in LNG-powered vessels. Yesterday the company received the Energy Port’s Gulddroppen innovation award.

Niklas Johansson, Tryggve Möller and Anna Nyman receives the prize.

Yesterday, on the Port of Gothenburg’s Energy Port Day, shipping company Terntank received Gulddroppen – the Energy Port’s innovation award.

Terntank was nominated for its investment in LNG-powered vessels. The company’s fleet will soon include four ships powered by liquefied natural gas.

“It was unexpected, but highly appreciated. We won in the face of stiff competition. We will naturally continue to work hard to reduce our environmental footprint to a minimum,” said Tryggve Möller, President of Tärntank Ship Management.

Furetank, ST1, Preem and Nynas were also nominated for the award, with the decision being made by the general public. Terntank secured 31 per cent of the votes.

Donsö shipping company Terntank is an innovative pathfinder that leads the way in greener shipping operations. The company’s magnificent new vessel, the Ternsund, was the first ship ever to bunker LNG at the Port of Gothenburg. Together with its newly built sister vessels the Ternsund will sail the world’s oceans without discharging sulphur or particulates. Thanks to determination, dedication and innovation, Terntank sets the benchmark in the development of next-generation shipping. 

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