Port of Gothenburg nominated for international environmental award

11:22 - 13 Feb 2018 / News

The Port of Gothenburg has been nominated for the GREEN4SEA Port Award 2018 in recognition of the company’s environmental work. The nomination specifically highlights the in-house environmental programme at the Port of Gothenburg, which has opened up further potential to guide shipping along a greener path.

The Port of Gothenburg has been nominated for its work on minimising the level of emissions from its operations, for helping to reduce the environmental impact of shipping, and for promoting the creation of sustainable transport. Photo: Port of Gothenburg.

The Port of Gothenburg is one of five nominees for the international environmental award GREEN4SEA Port Award 2018. The nomination highlights in particular the work that is taking place in-house at the Port of Gothenburg. Mention is made of the use by the Port of Gothenburg of biogas and solar panels to increase the proportion of the company’s green energy supply. These are just two of the initiatives that have led to the company being classified as climate neutral.

This investment in achieving climate neutrality is only part of the long-term environmental work at the Port of Gothenburg. Other initiatives include port tariff discounts for environmentally friendly vessels, and the provision of a shoreside power supply for vessels at berth.

Edvard Molitor, Environmental Manager at the Port of Gothenburg. Photo: Port of Gothenburg.

“The emissions that we generate as a port company are marginal in terms of the port’s activities as a whole. Nevertheless, with a good in-house environmental programme, we can enhance our credibility as we attempt to urge other organisations, including shipping companies and transport purchasers, to move in a greener direction. Being internationally recognised makes this task that much easier,” said Edvard Molitor, Environmental Manager at the Port of Gothenburg.

The winner will be chosen by the general public and will receive a statuette that will be presented at a ceremony in Athens on March 6. The other nominated ports in this category are the Port of Piraeus, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Singapore and Port of Vancouver.

The driving force behind GREEN4SEA is a non-profit organisation that is endeavouring to create more environmentally friendly shipping. Through the GREEN4SEA Awards they are looking to highlight companies in the industry that have contributed to assuring environmentally sustainable development within the shipping sector.

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