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Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park buzzing with new tenants

15:00 - 13 Jun 2017 / News

The latest tenant at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park is a hive full of honeybees. In late summer, the first jars of honey will be delivered to the property owners at the park.

The port values sustainable growth. A bee hive is the latest initiative.

“We chose to sponsor the beehive in recognition of the contribution these good bees are making to enhancing biodiversity. It is important for us to grow sustainably and we’re working on a number of initiatives to compensate for our intrusion into nature,” said Cecilia Carlsson, Vice President Communications, Gothenburg Port Authority.

Bees are currently under threat in many different ways and the tame bee has been hit by a series of diseases. Toxic insecticides, environmental changes and the disappearance of the old, small-scale horticultural landscape have hit the bees hard by reducing the number of flowers.

Smooth snakes and woodpeckers
Bees will be in good company in the form of two protected species, the smooth snake and the lesser woodpecker, both of which were moved to their new home at Svarte Mosse in conjunction with the construction of the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park.

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Bees in brief
There are 285 different species of wild bee in Sweden, of which one-third are under threat. They have been put on the red list as the agricultural landscape has become less diverse with a shortage of flowers as a result.

The honeybee is the A-list celebrity in the bee world. They are numerous and they live in beehives with around 50,000 sharing one hive. But there are many different types of bees and several species actually live alone and are known as solitary bees. They may not produce honey, but they play an extremely important role in pollinating our plants.

Spare a thought for the bees as you take a spoonful of honey. Five million visits to flowers are required to fill just one jar! More than one-third of the food that we eat is pollinated by bees, including apples and strawberries.

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