New container freight station now operational

11:39 - 04 May 2017 / News

APM Terminals and the logistics company Mimab have opened a new container freight station for transloading of goods at the Port of Gothenburg. The terminal, which became operational on May 2, will be used mainly for the handling of steel and forest products.

APM Terminals Gothenburg and the logistics company Mimab have opened a new freight terminal at the Port of Gothenburg for bulk goods, such as sawn timber and steel.

May 2nd, APM Terminals Gothenburg and the logistics company Mimab opened a new cross-docking terminal at the Port of Gothenburg. Bulk goods, such as sawn timber and steel, are taken by road or rail to the new terminal where they can be rapidly transferred to containers for onward shipment to various destinations throughout the world.

Graphic: Port of Gothenburg Liner Service Map

“As the Swedish port with most ocean services, covering large areas of the world, as well as direct services to Asia and the USA, we expect the terminal to be of interest to new customers that are looking to export their goods by sea,” said Morten Brühl, Chief Commercial Officer at APM Terminals Gothenburg.

APM Terminals Gothenburg is the largest container terminal in Scandinavia.

Forest and stee
APM Terminals Gothenburg is responsible for the investment and Mimab is responsible for the cargo handling.

“We have operated as a cross-docking terminal at the APM Terminals facility since 2014 and even longer at the port. Now we are stepping up our operations and expanding our service offering to the forest industry and Swedish manufacturing industry in general,” said Mimab chief executive Michael Bergman. 

Rapid handling using load plates
When freight arrives by road or rail, it is driven directly into the new transshipment terminal before being reloaded with the aid of two load plates. A load plate is a highly efficient container loading solution. The freight – packaged timber for example – is placed on the plate and then pushed into the container. The filled containers are then driven directly to the terminal for loading on board ship.

Fourth transshipment terminal at the port
The terminal is the fourth transshipment terminal to be opened at the Port of Gothenburg. Mimab has another transshipment terminal for paper products, and both DFDS Logistics and Gothenburg Roro Terminal operate transshipment terminals for forest products. 

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