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Gothenburg Port Authority invests in high-rack warehousing

08:30 - 19 Oct 2016 / News

The Gothenburg Port Authority owns land in two sections of the new logistics park and is in a position to offer 440,000 square metres of storage space in close proximity to the sea. Construction can take place starting in 2017 although the groundwork is already well under way.

“Our section of the park is just a stone’s throw from the entrance to the port. Construction of a completely new logistics area, comprising 410,000 square metres, could commence in 2017. We are planning to build 8-10 storage and distribution buildings,” said Hans Simonson, Senior Real Estate Manager at the Gothenburg Port Authority.

The area will be linked to the rail system and can be reached by road from the Hisingsleden highway. Companies can establish operations from 2017 and the whole area is due to be completed by 2025. Work is already in progress even if it will take a little while longer before construction can commence. At the moment the site is being connected to the municipal water and sewage systems and the ground is being prepared for development.

“We are the only property owner that is in a position to build high-rack warehousing with a ceiling height of 35 m. This is an excellent and unique opportunity for e-trade enterprises as their operations often require a generous ceiling height,” said Hans Simonson.

A whole range of services for drivers are planned for this section of the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park, including food provision, overnight accommodation, a fuelling station and a truckstop area with secure parking.

“On completion, our section will have 320,000 square metres of storage capacity. We will also have a 20,000 square metre site directly beside the port, which is already available for development,” said Hans Simonson.

“Once construction begins, we will adapt to meet customer needs and wishes. They can lease a complete building or just part of a building. We’re very flexible,” Hans Simonson concluded.

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