Expansion in rail traffic from the Port of Gothenburg to Stockholm and Gävle

14:31 - 28 Mar 2017 / News

Green Cargo is continuing to invest in the Port of Gothenburg. In April, they will expand rail traffic between Gothenburg and the Stockholm region with several new departures. There will also be a new rail shuttle to Gävle. More companies in the Stockholm region and Gävle will now be able to make use of the broad range of shipping routes from the Port of Gothenburg.

Green Cargo is increasing its railway capacity to and from the Port of Gothenburg.

The logistics company Green Cargo is expanding its rail traffic to and from the Port of Gothenburg. In April, it will add several new departures between the Port of Gothenburg and the Stockholm region.

“The Stockholm-Mälardalen region is one of the most expansive regions in Sweden. Further investment by Green Cargo will make it easier for companies in the region to reach the whole world with their freight and they will do so in an efficient, environmentally smart way,” said Stig-Göran Thorén, Senior Manager, Business Development, at the Port of Gothenburg.

Stig-Göran Thorén, Business Development Manager at the Port of Gothenburg.

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Green Cargo uses Eskilstuna as a hub. From there, trains from Gothenburg are split for the onward leg to Stockholm, Södertälje and Norrköping. Trains between the Port of Gothenburg and Eskilstuna will depart nine times a week in both directions. 

“Our hub solution means that we can offer efficient, punctual transport between the whole of Mälardalen and Gothenburg,” said Richard Kirchner, Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Service, at Green Cargo. 

New rail shuttle to Gävle
Green Cargo will introduce a completely new shuttle service to Gävle, departing five times a week in both directions.

Trains direct to the quayside
The Port of Gothenburg has the broadest range of shipping routes in Sweden, including destinations in Europe and in other parts of the world. The rail shuttles arrive directly at the Port of Gothenburg container terminal, APM Terminals, and the freight is then loaded from train to ship for export, or from ship to train for onward transport to Gävle.

Fact file: Railport Scandinavia
For several years the Port of Gothenburg has invested in rail shuttles, linking the port to inland terminals in towns and cities in Sweden and Norway. At present, around half of all the containers to and from the Port of Gothenburg are transported by rail. The system, Railport Scandinavia, has around 25 daily rail shuttle departures, 10 of which are operated by Green Cargo. Apart from Gävle, Eskilstuna, Stockholm, Södertälje and Norrköping, they also operate to Helsingborg, Jönköping, Katrineholm, Nässjö and Oslo.

The system offers major environmental benefits. In 2014, around 60,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions were saved by transporting goods to and from the Port of Gothenburg by rail instead of by road. This is equivalent to more than 200,000 flights between Gothenburg and Stockholm, or the emissions from 14,000 passenger cars.

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