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Aurora 23 - large military exercise in and around the Port of Gothenburg

11:53 - 18 Apr 2023 / News

Between April 17 and May 11, 2023, the military exercise Aurora 23 will take place, which will be one of the largest in Sweden in many years. Military personnel will be more visible than usual. For the Port of Gothenburg, this means that exercises will take place in the port area on April 23-24. On April 25-28, the exercises will take place outside the port area.

Photo: The Swedish Armed Forces.

April 23-24 Port Security Exercise
Exactly what will happen during these two days is not disclosed, but during these days, the exercise activity will be most intense within the port area. No production or infrastructure to, from, or in the Port of Gothenburg should be affected. However, if you are in the port area, you will be able to see and hear activity both on water and on land.

April 25-28 Defense Forces Exercise
From April 25 to April 28, the exercise will continue outside the Gothenburg port area and it will be visible and audible. The exercise as a whole is planned so that no activities in the Port of Gothenburg will be disturbed and full production will continue.

April 29-May 7 Maritime Security Exercise
During this period, the exercise will move into another phase on the West Coast, with a focus on the sea.

There will be live ammunition firing during certain moments. There will also be exercises on the water. Additionally, there will be several naval visits from different countries.

Background: Further Aurora 23 information from the Swedish Armed Forces
Between April 17 and May 11, 2023, the military exercise Aurora 23 will take place. The exercise is one of the largest in Sweden in many years and will cause disruptions in traffic. Military personnel will be more visible than usual.

What will happen?
Between April 17 and May 11, over 26,000 personnel from the army, navy, air force, home guard, and military personnel from 14 other countries will practice together. The exercise will be visible throughout Sweden but mainly in the southern parts of the country and on the island of Gotland. They will practice everything from increased readiness and mobilization to large coordinated attacks on land, in the air, and at sea. The purpose of Aurora 23 is to increase the ability to counter an armed attack against Sweden.

Aurora 23 - Swedish Armed Forces website

How will it affect me?
The Swedish Armed Forces will practice on their own training and shooting ranges, but also on private land. In these areas, landowners and residents will be informed. Large military transports on the roads will affect traffic. Low-flying helicopters and combat aircraft can cause unexpected noise. Military personnel will be more visible than usual.

Check the Swedish Armed Forces website for where the exercises will take place.

Check the current traffic situation on the Swedish Transport Administration website.

Radio broadcast mobilization message
To realistically practice mobilization, a mobilization message will be broadcast on the radio on April 24 in connection with the start of Aurora 23. The message will be broadcast via Swedish Radio P4 across the country, much like a message from the Traffic Department. This is the first time a mobilization message has been broadcast via radio in modern times in Sweden before an exercise.

This is roughly what the message will sound like when it is broadcasted (in Swedish):
"This message is part of the Defense Forces exercise Aurora 23. Today, April 24th, Aurora 23 begins. If you have received a call-up order for military exercise (KFÖ) starting on April 24th, you must now report to the location specified in the call-up order as soon as possible. Your call-up order is valid, this is a supplement. If you have a call-up order with a different date for reporting, you must report on the day stated in the call-up order. Aurora 23 is an exercise and the order to report only applies to those who have previously received a written call-up order."

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