“All systems go” – new intermodal terminal opens in December

10:02 - 25 Sep 2017 / News

Operations at the intermodal terminal at Gothenburg Central Station are due to move to the outer port area at Hisingen in December. The project is proceeding according to plan, and everything necessary to facilitate the switch to the new terminal will be in place prior to the start-up.

Vision of the new intermodal terminal fully operational.

“Enormous volumes of freight will in effect switch terminal from one day to the next. It feels reassuring to be able to inform rail companies and other stakeholders at the port that the situation is completely under control. In December, it will simply be a case of all systems go,” said Magnus Nordfeldt, project leader at Gothenburg Port Authority.

Increased capacity and seven rail tracks
The new 65,000-square metre terminal is located beside the ro-ro terminals*. From there, trailers and other rolling goods can be transported by sea to the UK, Belgium and other destinations.

The construction site of the new intermodal terminal, September 2017.

Capacity at the new intermodal terminal will be higher than at the old city centre terminal. Seven rail tracks with a total length of 3,600 metres are being built.

The new terminal will be operated by Sandahls Goods & Parcel AB. According to Sandahls, the industry is desperately in need of a facility with more capacity. There is already a high demand with more rail companies than at the old facility.

“It looks as if there will be a considerable level of activity from the outset. We are looking forward to this, and we are ready and waiting with all the trucks, lifting equipment, personnel and everything else that will be required for traffic to begin moving immediately,” said Patrik Theander, Terminal Manager at Sandahls Goods & Parcel AB.

Fact file: Intermodal terminal
At the intermodal terminal, freight will be transferred from rail to road and distributed to companies throughout the region. Each day, the terminal will be served by 12 trains and more than 200 trucks. In addition to domestic trains bound for Norrland, Stockholm and other destinations, there will also be trains heading for various parts of Europe. Some 70,000 trailers are expected to switch from one mode of transport to another at the terminal each year. The transfer of the terminal to the outer port area will reduce road traffic in central Gothenburg significantly.

* Ro-ro stands for roll-on/roll-off and refers to trailers and other wheeled cargo rolled onto and off vessels.

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