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Port Security

In order to protect ports in general and not just the quays, the EU has adopted a directive governing enhanced port security (2005/65/EC).

Current security level at the Port of Gothenburg: Level 1

EU port security regulations apply to all ports where the facilities are covered by shipping safety rules. The aim is for the entire port area to be covered by one single security system.
Port security means that a port security inspection must be carried out and security plans must be drawn up based on the results.

There are three security levels and each port is required to appoint a port security officer.

Level 1 - Normal level where operations are carried on under normal conditions.
Level 2 - Enhanced security, where ID controls and random checks will be made within the port security area.
Level 3 - Limited access to the port security area, where only authorised persons are allowed to enter. More widespread checks will be made. Companies operating inside the area are required to draw up lists of employees, visitors and vehicles that apply to enter the area. These must be identified before access is granted. No other access is granted and nor is entry permitted to the Torsviken bird sanctuary or other intermediate areas.

Terrorist attacks on ports could lead to serious disruptions in transport systems and/or harm to human life and industry at the port and in nearby areas.