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Access rules

All terminals at the Port of Gothenburg that are ISPS-classified are subject to 100% access control. Certain terminals are also classified as being of particular societal importance and are defined as protected property in the Installations Protection Act.

This expands the access requirements and the law grants appointed security guards greater powers to act within and beside protected property (as a complement to the Shipping Security Act and the Port Security Act).

Everyone who works within ISPS-classified and defined protected property areas at the Port of Gothenburg must be in possession of an entry card or be reported in advance to the port facility in compliance with designated procedures. Anyone working at the port facility who has been issued with an entry card must wear the card in a way that it is clearly visible. On request, all persons must be able to present valid photo ID. Random entry card and ID checks are made on a regular basis.

All persons present at the port facilities must comply with the current regulations and traffic rules applicable within the Port of Gothenburg area.