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”The Green Bunkering” concept

The purpose of the Green Bunkering concept is to ensure safe bunker operations and to protect the marine environment from oil spills.


The purpose of the Green Bunkering concept is to ensure safe bunker operations and to protect the marine environment from oil spills.

The green bunkering project was initiated during 1998 after a fuel oil spill from a bunker barge in the archipelago of Gothenburg. The oil spill drifted to the island of Grötö and about 12 tons of oil was recovered and cleaned up.

The concept was developed in collaboration between Port of Gothenburg, the Swedish Coastguard, the Swedish Maritime Administration (The Swedish Transport Agency) and the regional bunker industry.


All bunker barges operating within the harbour, as well as outside the harbour limit in the anchorage areas, shall comply with the Green Bunkering requirements.

Vessel inspections

To verify compliance, annual inspections are carried out on the barges by authorised and independent inspectors. Random spot checks and inspections can also be performed by the Port Officers whilst the barge is alongside the quays in the Energy Port.

The operator for the barge needs to arrange for the inspection by contacting any of the available inspectors.

A prerequisite for attaining approval is that the barge has been vetted by an oil major according to the SIRE program by OCIMF. The requirements for the “Green Bunkering” concept apply to oil bunker barges, LNG bunker barges and slop-/sludge barges.

For information about available inspectors, please contact:

Martin Svensson, Port Officer, Responsible for Green Bunkering

Christoffer Lillhage, Operations Manager Energy Port

Special requirements during Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) of low flash point cargoes (flash point 30° C)

For allowing a bunker operation during SIMOPS, while the receiving vessel is loading/discharging a low flash point cargo, the deck equipment on the bunker barge must be ATEX approved when operating within the ATEX zone of the receiving vessel. In addition to the ATEX requirement, special operating procedures must also be followed. Prior approval of these operations, an ATEX inspection must be carried out on the barge. When the barge has been verified for compliance, a certificate with a validity of five years will be issued to the barge unless any modifications or changes have been made on the deck equipment.  For arranging an ATEX inspection, please contact Martin Svensson or Christoffer Lillhage.

Crew training

In addition to the periodical inspections, crew training is also required by an e-learning course. The training requirement concerns crew members directly involved in the bunker operations. The e-learning course is provided by MAFLOBE. For registering a new training account, please contact MAFLOBE.


Link to course in green bunkering.