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Other berths and cruise ships berths

There are three berths at the Port of Gothenburg that are available for cruise ships and certain other vessels. See below for detailed information about the different berths.

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Cruise Berths

  • Charted depth: 9.50 metres
    Max. draught: 9.0 metres
    Maximum length of vessel: 180 / (300 metres if 751 is also used)
    Berth orientation: 088°/268°
    Quay height above water level (MW): approx. 3.6 metres

  • Charted depth: 8.0 metres
    Max. draught: 7.50 metres
    Maximum length of vessel: 220 metres (225 with POD)
    Berth orientation: 088°/266°
    Quay height above water level (MW): approx. 2.6 metres

Actors in Other berths and cruise ships berths

Gothenburg Port Authority

With two cruise terminals and two cruise quays, the port is well-equipped to receive cruise ships of all sizes. The cruise season in Gothenburg covers the whole year as the port is always free of ice.

+46 31 368 75 00
Type of goods: Cruise


Gothenburg is an attractive and multifaceted cruise destination that is highly popular for a variety of reasons, including the cosy and inviting atmosphere in the city, the wide selection of restaurants and cafeterias and the fact that most things are within walking distance.

Type of goods: Cruise
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