On this page you can acquaint yourself those who are ready and waiting to build storage facilities entirely in line with your needs and wishes. Within the park you will find Bockasjö, Castellum, the Port of Gothenburg, NCC and Prologis. Read more about the companies that will build the park and how they think.

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Establishing operations at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park will reinforce Castellum's presence on Hisingen even further, allowing the company to offer tenants flexible, long-term solutions.


"The new logistics park presents opportunities that didn't exist previously. Large-scale establishment so close to the largest port in Scandinavia, Sweden's hub for the automotive industry just around the corner and proximity to central Gothenburg make the location totally unique." 

Castellujm's section of the Logistics Park comprises 127,000 square metres, of which 60 per cent is ready to be built on. 

"We have begun the first phase of 26,000 square meters where we build a flexible and state of the art logistics facility that can be divided into smaller units from 6000 sqm. The plant is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2018. Our offer is flexible and there are possibilities to customize surfaces based on each tenant's needs."

"It would be extremely exciting to see how the whole of the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park takes shape in the years to come. Everything depends on the planned development of the Port of Gothenburg, which with the passing of time will make the location increasingly interesting."

Castellum: Castellum is one of the largest listed property companies in Sweden. We work with commercial properties in growth areas in Sweden and in Copenhagen. With a property value of just over SEK 70 billion, we have the resources to develop communities and help our customers to grow.

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