On this page you can acquaint yourself those who are ready and waiting to build storage facilities entirely in line with your needs and wishes. Within the park you will find Bockasjö, Castellum, the Port of Gothenburg, NCC and Prologis. Read more about the companies that will build the park and how they think.

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Proximity to the largest port in Scandinavia, Gothenburg city centre and public transport were key reasons why Bockasjö acquired land at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park.


"We can offer 311,000 square metres in the new logistics park with the capacity to construct several large buildings totalling 160,000 square metres. Our first buildings are under construction and the aim is to have as short a completion time as possible.

Bockasjö is building modern storage and logistics properties with the opportunity to adapt to the needs of the individual tenant. The buildings have been Green Building certified, which means considerably lower energy use.

"The need for modern, efficient, environmentally certified logistics facilities is continuing unabated. Older and smaller logistics buildings are being replaced by larger buildings. E-trade is growing by around 30 per cent per annum and several goods owners are choosing to outsource their warehousing."

Bockasjö: Bockasjö AB is one of the leading developers of storage and logistics facilities in Sweden. Bockasjö assumes responsibility for the entire process, from land acquisition to construction and management. The group builds, owns and manages the properties that are constructed.

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