On this page you can acquaint yourself those who are ready and waiting to build storage facilities entirely in line with your needs and wishes. Within the park you will find Bockasjö, Castellum, the Port of Gothenburg, NCC and Prologis. Read more about the companies that will build the park and how they think.

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The Port of Gothenburg will be handling two areas in the Logistics Park. In total, the port authority can offer 340,000 square metres of storage space very close to the sea.


"The central part of the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park is just a stone's throw from the port entrance. Construction of an entirely new logistics area covering 410,000 square metres will commence in 2018. The area has space for 8-10 storage and distribution buildings and there is the potential to construct a high-rack warehouse with a ceiling height of 35 metres."

The company is also planning a whole range of services for truck drivers, including overnight accommodation, dining facilities, a filling station and a truck stop with secure parking.

The Port of Gothenburg section of the Logistics Park will be linked to the rail system.

Logistics companies can establish operations here from 2018 and the whole area is due to be completed by 2025.

"When our part of the Logistics Park has been completed, the area will have 320,000 square metres of storage space. There is a further site directly beside the port that has already been prepared for development."

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