There has been a shortage of logistics sites at this attractive location for a long time. Now a one million square metre park is emerging just 10 minutes from the quayside where you can establish warehousing and logistics facilities to suit your specific needs.

Prominent neighbours

Here you will become part of a major port cluster, ensuring that your business remains secure and long term.

Located beside the park is the already established logistics area Arendal, complete with import warehouses, transsipment terminals and other facilities. The fact that the Port of Gothenburg has Volvo as a neighbour makes it an excellent location for logistics services directed at the automotive industry. 

The three parts of the park

The whole logistics park is one million square metres and is located right beside the Port of Gothenburg. You are able to get from dock to warehouse in 10 minutes.

The park consists of three parts. Directly beside the entrance to the port is an area of around 240,000 square metres owned by NCC and the Port of Gothenburg.

The middle part of the park is owned by the Port of Gothenburg and consists of 400,000 square metres of land scheduled for logistics use.

The northern part of the park has 500,000 square metres of land which Prologis, Bockasjö and Eklandia offer logistics facilities.


We are Sweden's largest paper port and we have long relationships with several of the country's largest paper exporters. Our task is to contribute with a logistics arrangement that is as efficient as possible.

Other parts of the park will be built to keep pace with demand. The entire park is expected to be completed by 2025.

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