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Now we can offer Swedish forestry industry a sustainable solution.

<h2>Stig-Göran Thorén, Port of Gothenburg</h2> <p class="preamble">Interview with Stig-Göran Thorén.</p> <p><strong>STIG-GÖRAN, WHAT DOES IT MEAN IN REALITY TO BE SWEDEN'S NEW FOREST PRODUCT PORT?</strong><br />The forestry industry makes high demands with regard to transport. We have done our utmost to listen and adapt and we are now better equipped to receive forest product exports.</p> <p>With a unique range of services and frequent departures as a base we also have dedicated forest terminals, smart rail solutions and new forms of collaboration. Generally, this means that the carrier decides the way it wants to transport the goods to the port – by container train, in conventional rail trucks, by road truck or by trailer train. All the options are available.<br /><br /><strong>YOU HIGHLIGHT THE NETWORK OF SERVICES AND FREQUENCY. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?</strong><br />The aim is to simplify things for everyone who chooses to transport their goods via the Port of Gothenburg. By offering the whole world every day, the forestry industry can consolidate its export volumes here and create a cost-effective, sustainable logistics solution.</p> <p><strong>WHAT DOES A SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION MEAN?</strong><br />The Port of Gothenburg has been in existence for 400 years. By growing and developing with a focus on people, we will continue for at least another 400 years. We have close, long-term relations with terminals, shipping companies and other important port organisations. Gathered at the same location, we have the joint expertise and level of competition that only Sweden's largest freight hub can offer.</p> <p><strong>YOU TALK A GREAT DEAL ABOUT COOPERATION WITH SHIPPING LINES AND TERMINALS?</strong><br />Infrastructure and transport are basically about collaboration and innovation. Cooperation is vital for a freight hub. The Port of Gothenburg and eight shipping companies, for example, have joined forces to be able to showcase the port's offer to those who work in the forestry industry.</p> <p><strong>HOW DO YOU VIEW THE FUTURE FOR THE SWEDISH FORESTRY INDUSTRY?</strong><br />The Swedish forestry industry has a bright future – but a different future. It is about rethinking and thinking in different ways. This also applies to transport, where there is considerable opportunity to change and improve. This applies in particular to railways and their potential. That is where we want to be a good partner.</p>