For 400 years, Swedish forests have been leaving the quays in Gothenburg for onward exports to all corners of the globe. Paper in all its forms - timber as well as pulp. We are now investing heavily in order to achieve significant improvements. Our mission is to be poised to offer the Swedish forestry and paper industry the optimal and most sustainable solution for the contuínued advancement of the Swedish export sector.

In recent years, we have made a succession of investments to ensure we are able to handle all types of forest products. These investments include completely new dedicated forest terminals, new train solutions and, not least of all, new and closer collaboration between the Port of Gothenburg, shipping lines and other key businesses operating in the vicinity of the port zone.

By collecting your export volumes here you will achieve a cost-effective, sustainable logistics solution that will facilitate your future growth. And this is the fundamental concept driving Sweden's new forest port.

The Port of Gothenburg in collaboration with:
ACL, CLdN, DFDS, Maersk Line, SCI/Freightman, "K"Line, MSC, Stena Line SOL and Unifeeder.

The range of services is our most important offer to you in the forestry industry. Each week we have direct services to Asia, India, North Africa, North America and other regions. And each day you can choose between several ro-ro and container services to markets such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and other parts of Europe.

You may have heard of our daily container shuttles? They connect the Port of Gothenburg with over 25 locations throughout Sweden, and are already being utilised by several companies within the forestry industry. However, container shuttles are just part of the port's total rail offering. For those who prefer to utilise conventional freight wagons, new train solutions are also available.

The Port of Gothenburg has a number of dedicated and sheltered terminals for speedy, efficient transshipment of paper and pulp. More recently, these terminals have been supplemented with terminals for sawn timber. This means you can now decide how you would like your freight transported to the port: container train or conventional freight wagons, truck or trailer train. All options are available.

Do you export to several different markets? Perhaps a combination of Europe and other continents? Here at the port, we sort your export products. Simply send your freight to Gothenburg by the means that suits you best. Once it has arrived, we take care of transsipment to the right freight carrier. Our excellent access to empty units combined with our unique range of services with regular scheduled departures means your freight is quickly on the move. This represents savings in both time and money as a result of reduced inventory.

The whole world from the same port

The range of services is our most important offer to you in the forestry industry. Each week we have direct services to Asia, India, North Africa, North America and other regions. And each day you can choose between several ro-ro and container services to markets such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and other parts of Europe.

Our destinations

By rail or truck directly to the Port of Gothenburg

Regardless of whether the forest products arrive at the Port with container train, conventional train or road truck, we can ensure that it reaches the final destination quickly and securely, wherever that may be in the world.

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We have listened carefully to the Swedish forestry industry and developed our services accordingly. All terminals for the transshipment of forest products are close to our port terminals for intra-European and global traffic.

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Sustainable forestry exports

At the Port of Gothenburg the choice of shipping lines is bigger than at any other port in Scandinavia. Here you can acquaint yourself with a number of the companies that are ready and waiting to ship forest products from Gothenburg to destinations far and wide.

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A reliable alternative in the transport chain

– We offer unbeatable frequency to Denmark and Germany. Through our new Shipping Logistics concept, customers can feel secure with us – all the way from A to B.

Fredrik Johansson Shipping Logistics Sales Manager, Stena Line

Stena Line

We are a global shipping company with a local base

– As the second-largest shipping company in the world, we have a global network of services to all continents. At the same time we have focused a great deal on our local customer service in Sweden. Customers feel secure when they have a contact person who is with them all the way.

Fredrik Magaji General Manager Commercial Export, MSC


We are noticing an increase in demand from the forestry industry for our services

– We can offer the forest industry rapid, frequent transport to the Benelux countries and other parts of Europe. Our strengths are frequency and the rapid door-to-door transit time.

Emil Holmgren Line Representative, CLdN


Breakneck growth

– ACL is the only company with a direct service from Sweden to North America. A major advantage is our rapid transit times, which are the quickest in the industry. In 2015, we will have completely new ships that will increase our capacity and make our transport movements sustainable. We are reporting breakneck growth!

Anders Ivarsson Commercial Operations Manager, ACL


Cost-effective, sustainable transport is our strength

– We have the biggest network in northern Europe, from the UK in the west to the Baltic countries and Russia in the east. In total, we cover 45 ports in Western Europe and Russia is one of our strongest markets.

Ebbe Bisgaard Shortsea Manager, Unifeeder


Unbeatable frequency and unbeatable prices

– With daily departures to the UK and Belgium, we have a frequency unmatched by anyone else. The regular services mean that the mills can reduce their stock levels. One of our major advantages is that we have competitive sea prices even with the new sulphur regulations.

Niclas Bohlin Senior Sales Manager, DFDS


It should be simple to work with us

– We are very strong in the Far East. We are also pioneers in direct services to northern Spain and Portugal. We focus very much on reliability and punctuality and it should be simple to work with us.

Ingmar Källström Sales Manager, K-Line


We tailor solutions based on customer requirements

– We are the only container company to offer direct services from Sweden to India. We also call at several ports in the Middle East, on the Red Sea and in North Africa, directly from Gothenburg. We are extremely flexible and we can tailor our services to suit customer requirements.

Johanna Forslund Export Manager, SCI Freightman

SCI Freightman

We have services throughout the world

– We have long experience of working with customers in the forest industry and we can satisfy their need to ship large volumes all over the world.

Christian Engdahl GENERAL MANAGER SWEDEN SALES, Maersk Line

Maersk Line

Svenska Orient Linien AB

– "We have long experience of handling consignments of forest products and each year we transport some 700,000 tonnes of paper from Gothenburg to the continent."

Ragnar Johansson Managing Director, Svenska Orient Linien AB

Svenska Orient Linien AB

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