Guided boattrips for the general public

The biggest port in the Nordic Region with 10,000 calls each year and a large proportion of Sweden's imports and exports. But where is it? Each summer, the Port of Gothenburg and the Maritime Museum offer guided boat trips for anyone wishing to experience the port at close quarters.

The older generation in Gothenburg remember with great nostalgia when cargo ships were moored in the very heart of Gothenburg. Coffee, tea and bananas were unloaded by throngs of dock workers with a tantalising fusion of aromas filling the air. Hundreds of cranes swung back and forth between quayside and hold with their crates, bales, bundles, barrels and logs. Workers calling out to each other; swathed in steam and with sparks flying in every direction.

                                                                                                                                              Nowadays the majority of ships are loaded and unloaded in the outer areas of the port – close to the estuary on the Hisingen side of the river – making the port a less visible part of the city. But the fact is that it is bigger than ever. More cargo passes through the Port of Gothenburg than all the other ports in Sweden combined and it handles a significant proportion of Scandinavian imports and exports. The world's largest freight vessels dock there and the port area is as large as the whole of the district of Majorna.                         

During the summer, the people of Gothenburg and anyone else who may be interested have the opportunity to experience the port at close quarters. The Port of Gothenburg and the Maritime Museum Aquarium offer guided tours around the port. The tours are linked to the new and highly popular exhibition at the Maritime Museum, 'City Along the Water'.

The exhibition is open between 12 and 12.30pm (approximately 25 minutes). The guided boat trip leaves from the quayside at Amerikaskjulet at 1.30pm on the following dates:

1/7 1.30pm This trip includes the opportunity to see a cruise ship berthed at the port.
19/7 1.30pm    
26/7 1.30pm     
2/8 1.30pm         
7/8 3pm  This trip includes the opportunity to see a cruise ship berthed at the port.
4/9 1.30pm This trip includes the opportunity to see the vessels that are taking part in the Tall Ships Race.


Package price

A guided boat trip around the harbour and admission to the Maritime Museum Aquarium and the exhibition costs 50 kronor for adults and is free of charge for children up to 15 years.

Tickets can be purchased in the entrance to the Maritime Museum. You are of course free to book just the harbour trip although the cost is the same. A limited number of tickets can be pre-booked by calling 031-368 35 50.


Practical information

The boat trip is estimated to take no more than 1½ hours.

Admission to the museum is valid all day.

There are toilets available on the boat.

There is a cafeteria at the Maritime Museum Aquarium. Refreshments are also available for purchase on board the boat.

If you have any questions, please call the Maritime Museum reception on 031-368 35 50


Guided trips for school classes

We also offer guided trips for school classes. Contact the Maritime Museum Aquarium if you would like further information about these trips and how you can book.