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Island traffic

If you wish to make your way around Gothenburg and the islands there is a whole range of possibilities with numerous activities on board.

There is a wide selection of boat tours, varying from short trips to trips lasting several days on a RIB boat or on larger vessels. If you want to travel between the islands in the archipelago at your own pace, there are the regular ferries with particularly frequent departures during the summer season.

Island operators

Börjessons Sjötaxi

The company's main activity is charter trips with catering as well as the transport of groups to restaurants and destinations along the coast and in the Gothenburg archipelago.


Arranges day cruises in the Gothenburg archipelago on M/S Trubaduren, complete with food, drink and entertainment.

Kastor Boat Trips, Gothenburg

Our guests join us from all over the world for a sustainable experience of our unique coast from a gentle old fishing boat.


Offers a scheduled service from Saltholmen to the islands in the southern part of the Gothenburg archipelago that are inhabited all year round. The company also operates a daily service to the islands of Källö, Vargö, Sjumansholmen and Kårholmen, which are either uninhabited or are only inhabited for part of the year.


Offers dinner cruises around the island of Hisingen, boat trips to the Älvsborg fortress at the entrance to the port, as well as sightseeing trips on the Paddan boats around the Gothenburg canal system and along the Säveån river.

Ångaren Bohuslän

the steamboat Bohuslän

With the steamboat Bohuslän you get a nice ride through the Gothenburg archipelago or along the coast. The steamboat Bohuslän is the west coast's only genuine remaining archipelago steamboat built in 1914. Enjoy our famous shrimp sandwiches, have a good dinner in our well-kept salons or drink a cup of coffee with something sweet.